A new edition of SCCA RoadRally’s Rules for Organizers (RFOs) is now available for download.

The new edition, the 41st, incorporates guidelines for using GPS timing controls on National and Divisional Touring and Course rallies.

“We are pleased how rapidly the idea of GPS timing controls has gained acceptance among our organizers,” observes veteran competitor and rallymaster Mike Thompson, who also is co-chair of the RoadRally Board’s National Events Committee. “They offer a lot of flexibility for organizers in setting up and using unstaffed checkpoints.”

Unlike the SCCA’s RoadRally Rules, which are revised annually, the RFOs are updated only as the need for revisions is determined by the RoadRally Board, Thompson explains. Each edition remains in force until a subsequent edition is published.

“The RFOs have been around a long time, and they supplement the RRRs and interpret them for Regions and rally committees organizing National Championship events,” he adds. “While the RFOs do not apply to events sanctioned as Regional rallies or Trek events, they offer practical how-to advice for almost anyone organizing a rally.”

To download a copy of the new RFOs, click here! The RFO's and many other helpful documents can be found on the RoadRally Rules & Documents page.