Ballots Mailed for 2016 BoD Elections

It’s SCCA voting season again, with four of the 13 designated Areas electing a new member to the Board of Directors this year.

Board members serve a three-year term. Ballots were mailed to addresses on record with the SCCA office for those in Areas with an upcoming election. Per SCCA policy, areas without contested elections will not receive ballots and be recorded as a 1-0 election.

Ballots may have arrived in some mailboxes already, but please give them at least a week to come through the mail.  Instructions are included with the ballot.  Completed ballots should NOT be returned to the SCCA office. Instead, votes will be tallied by Mize Houser & Company. A postage paid return envelope is included with the ballot for your convenience.

If you feel you did not receive a ballot and should have, please contact SCCA Member Services at 800-770-2055. Again, please give time for those ballots to come through the mail before calling Member Services. Ballots must be returned to Mize Houser & Company by November 15.  Areas up for election are as follows:

Area 2: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Northeast Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Steel Cities, Washington DC, Central Pennsylvania, Mahoning Valley, South Jersey, Susquehanna, Blue Mountain and Misery Bay Regions. In alphabetical order, Area 2 candidates are (click to review candidate-supplied platforms):

Jack Burrows

Terry Hanushek

Area 6: Encompasses the Midwest Division, and each Region contained within it. In alphabetical order, Area 6 candidates are (click to review candidate-supplied platforms):

- Chris Albin

Michael West

Area 10: Encompasses part of the Northeast Division, including Central New York, Southern New York, Western New York, Finger Lakes, Mohawk-Hudson and Glen Regions. In alphabetical order, Area 10 candidates are (click to review candidate-supplied platforms):

- Jack Hanifan

- Earl Hurlbut

Area 12: Encompasses part of the Southeast Division, including Alabama, Atlanta, Buccaneer, Tennessee, North Carolina, Central Carolinas, Old Dominion, Eastern Tennessee, South Carolina, Middle Georgia, Tennessee Valley, Chattanooga, and Blue Ridge Regions.

- Incumbent Area 12 Director Tere Pulliam is running unopposed.

Members of the Board of Directors in the midst of their terms include: Area 1 - Bob Dowie; Area 3 - Lee Hill; Area 4 - Steve Harris; Area 5 - Bruce Lindstrand; Area 7 - Dan Helman; Area 8 - Arnie Coleman; Area 11 - KJ Christopher; Area 13 - Jim Weidenbaum.

The Board of Directors represents you, the members – be a part of the process and vote!