Falken Restructures Contingency

TOPEKA, Kan. (Feb. 11, 2019) -- The SCCA is pleased to announce that the Falken Azenis RT615K+ will continue to be the spec tire for the Solo Spec Coupe (SSC) class for 2019. The big news, however, is not just that they are back as the spec tire, but how they are restructuring their contingency program for all of the National level competitors in SSC. 

For 2019, Falken is introducing a new and innovative plan to pay deeper into the SSC, SSCL and L4 fields, to support a larger percentage of the drivers competing on the brands tires.  In an effort to affect more competitors, Falken is now paying down to 5th place for all National Championship Tours, ProSolos, and for the ProSolo Championship itself, while paying all the way down to 15th place for the 2019 Tire Rack Solo National Championships. This radical new approach takes what is already an affordable class to compete in, and offers those competitors an even better chance of offsetting the costs with their results. 

Speaking on behalf of the tire manufacturer, Jonathon Bradford, Motorsports and Events Manager for Falken Tire, said, “Falken is excited to be a part of the Solo Spec Coupe class again for 2019. With the relatively low barrier of entry and the competitive nature of the class, it serves as the perfect platform to align the brand with the SCCA to promote our Azenis RT615k+ tires. We believe the restructured contingency will benefit all competitors as SSC continues to grow in numbers allowing more individuals an opportunity to reach the payouts.”

Speaking about the tire itself, Adam Benaway, the 2018 Solo Nationals Champion in SSC, said, “The main reason why the RT615K+ is a great tire for this spec class is because, as a driver, you need to squeeze out those last few tenths of a second by finding and staying at the limits of the grip or traction circle.  And if you are smooth with your inputs, the Falken was very rewarding.”  He also mentioned how much he loved their longevity, saying, “I haven’t taken my wheels and tires off since Nationals. I have driven the car in full SSC prep to and from work, which is a 40-mile round trip, to and on track at Time Trials Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky, as well as multiple other track days, and they still feel fresh every time I get in the car.” He wrapped up his thoughts by saying, “All in all, I absolutely love the Falkens.  From the predictability, linear break away, durability, and of course the price and now the new contingency program, they are a perfect match for the twin platform in Solo Spec Coupe, where the challenge isn’t who has the best tool, but rather who can use the same tool most effectively.”

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