The Fuel That Comes to You

In motorsports, fuel is kind of a big deal. Scratch that – it’s a huge deal. Unless your vehicle is powered by electrons, you’re relying on combustion to propel your competition vehicle, and while sourcing quality fuel is not usually an issue at racetracks, it can become problematic at autocross courses, if you run a performance fuel that’s less than ubiquitous, or if you’ve got an upcoming dyno session. Some people are lucky enough to live near public gas stations that sell race gas either at the pump or in five-gallon drums, and for them, life is easy – but for everyone else, solutions aren’t readily available. Actually, that’s not true – thanks to SCCA partner (and official fuel of SCCA) Sunoco Race Fuels, the fuel you need can be delivered direct to your doorstep.

Petroleum Service Company (PSC) teams with Sunoco to bring a variety of Sunoco’s fuels to you via the click of a button.

“With our wide selection of Sunoco Racing Fuels in leaded and unleaded varieties spanning a range of octane levels, you'll be sure to find the product you need in 5-gallon pails or bulk 55 gallon drums,” PSC’s website states.

The company’s not kidding, either. Via its website, you can choose which Sunoco fuel you need, broken down by octane rating, lead content, ethanol blend, and more. There’s even a fuel quick reference page to point you in the right direction.

Isn’t shipping fuel drums expensive, you ask? Why yes, it can be. In one example, we discovered that shipping roughly equaled the price of a five-gallon drum of Sunoco’s popular 260 GTX 98 octane race fuel. But get this: With a PSC Select Shipping Subscription, shipping costs are a thing of the past. The annual price of a PSC Select Shipping Subscription is $249.99 a year – pay that one time each year and all of your shipping costs are taken care of. In our example earlier of ordering a five-gallon drum of 260 GTX, by the third drum, you’re ahead of the game.

At first blush, shipping fuel might seem odd, but it’s not. In fact, it makes a lot of sense, especially when you can minimize shipping costs. Check out Sunoco’s website to learn everything there is about the company’s fuels, then head to PSC’s site to have that fuel delivered to you.

Photo by Dan Dennehy-Rodriguez (Staff)