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Waiting for event to start.

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We are working to get segment times working. Since last year, the track was resurfaced and while new timing "loops" were installed, they were not finished off to plug into the timing equipment. We have someone working on this and hope to have this data running later today.
Thanks Eric. I also notice the video is in and out but hey. Total timing is good for me right now!
We now have timing segments (map is below). Unfortunately we won't have a speed trap at the Glen this weekend as there are not appropriate speed trap loops available.
The start of racing is delayed as some track repairs are finished.
Where is camera 2 located?
The "toe of the boot"
The Group 7 race for today has been postponed to 9:20 tomorrow morning due to this delay.
Thanks. Still loving the cameras, timing and audio. Thanks!
They're saying it'll be about 15 minutes until we get the racing started.
5 minutes on the grid!
Cars are rolling out for the paced lap
First lap will be under yellow as a car spun on the paced lap
Green flag!
Where is group 7?
Good morning from Watkins Glen! We will start in about 10 minutes with two hardship sessions, then group 7's race, originally scheduled for yesterday afternoon.
Who caused the red flag?
There were a couple cars off and quite a bit of debris so they brought everybody onto pit road to let the crews get the track clean.
How can i see the race that Mike Jacques is in
and what time hes racing
Mike just finished second in group 2's race.
You can select that group in the "other sessions" tab towards the top of this page.
ok thanx
did Lattanzio continue does anyone know
he did not
did Lattanzio continue
Sure miss the yellow stripe for timing at the start finish
Thank you for following along! U.S. Majors Tour racing continues next weekend at High Plains Raceway and Portland International Raceway!