Bob L.

Will we be able to drop our cars/trailer at CMP on Friday, and possibly get checked in also?

Randall Prince

We will definitely be doing check-in Friday evening (5-8 iirc) and I'm 90% confident you'll be able to drop off cars / trailers. Email to confirm the drop-off ability as he's been in contact with the track. Thanks!

Bob L.

Thank you for the reply..

Yujia Chen

I ordered the time trial decals as well, but I don't think they've been shipped yet. Anything wrong or I should pick it up onsite?

Randall Prince

I would email Lori Price ( about it. She's the one who processes orders and can let you know if they'll be shipped out or if we'll have them on-site for pickup.

John Fatcheric

I'm registered.

How do I sign up for camping (& electric)?

Randall Prince

I believe that is all done on-site when you get to the track.

Gregory Hunt

Those items are normally handled by CMP.  I would suggest giving the track a call.

Peter C. Morton

I could possibly be available as an instructor if needed.  Otherwise might just come and watch.  Just moved to Greenville in January.  


Peter Morton 

Lotus 7

F Production #4


Randall Prince

Thanks Peter! If you want, you can sign-up as a volunteer in the event if you want to help. The only caveat is that we will be doing minimal (if any) in-car instruction. We will have coaches that will be doing pre- / post-run group breakdowns and I think we already have the coaches picked.

Hayden Baker

Someone will be showing the Indy 500 and Monaco Grand Prix...right?

Randall Prince

I'm betting we can arrange this. Indy shouldn't be a problem. We'll look into the Monaco GP. We have a few TVs that would be perfect for this, so we'll see if there's a good place to setup on-site 

Gregory Hunt

It will most likely have to be a satellite feed.  There is very little cell reception around CMP which makes streaming difficult.  I'll be watching the GP after the event at home.  You are more than welcome to come to Charleston and join in!