Date: May 06, 2023 to May 07, 2023
Address: 505 Grimes RD, Bowling Green, KY, 42103-9566

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FunRuns give you all the adrenaline of autocross with none of the competition pressure. No classes, no work assignment, no hassle. Just show up, drive (as much or as little as you want) and leave with a big ol’ smile. Kind of like Friday night drag races. Run what ya brung, pull up when you want, and let’er rip. 

Never tried an autocross?
This is a perfect taste test. Try one run and see if you’re hooked. Get some advice from experts on the sidelines and try another. Rinse and repeat until you’ve had too much fun and just can’t any more.

Run a few but would love some practice time?
Or maybe you want to shake down your car – or yourself – with some easy seat time. We’ve got you, too. You can even take a run and get right back in line to see how your car handles on warmer tires, if you’d like. Or bring a friend and swap seats for each run. However you want to have #funwithcars, SCCA has you covered.

Below are the particulars but, really… there’s not much you need to know. Grab an approved helmet, take the loose stuff out of your car, give it a once over and join us. We’ll see you in the parking lot.


Saturday, May 6 - 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Entry Cap - 50
Sunday, May 7 - 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Entry Cap - 50
Registration Opens March 16 @3:00 pm Central
Registration Closes May 7 @3:00 pm Central
Online Entry $60 ($10 discount for SCCA Members)



A. DRIVER ELIGIBILITY: You must have a valid driver's license to run this event.

B. ANNUAL SCCA WAIVERS: If you are a full SCCA member (not running the event on a Weekend Membership), it is highly recommended that you complete your annual waiver ahead of the event. Once completed, your annual waiver will show as a designation on the back of your membership card and is valid for the calendar year. This can then be shown at the waiver station instead of signing the SCCA waiver, both at regional and national level events. Instructions for completing your annual waiver can be found here. Armbands are still to be worn during the event to indicate that you have completed the waiver.

C. EQUIPMENT: Loaner helmets will be provided. If you have your own helmet, please be sure to have it checked for compliance.

DRIVE for the FUN! Leave with a Smile!

To prep your vehicle and yourself, here are a few helpful things to know:


A. Safety Inspections should be completed at the event site and will be completed by competitors using a Self-Tech form. Click here for the form.
B. Ensure that all loose objects are removed from inside the vehicle; including from inside the trunk.


A. Once you are ready for your runs, simply move from paddock to the stage lines.
B. We will utilize two or three stage lines and zipper merge to the start.
C. The Grid Marshall will move through the lines sending vehicles to the start line.


A. When on course, be aware of corner workers, stopped cars, and workers who may be waiving a red flag at you.
* If you see a red flag, come to a complete stop. The red flag is indicating that there is an issue on course that needs to be addressed.
* Once the issue has been addressed, a worker will tell you that it is safe to proceed through the course but do so at a reduced speed.

B. Because this is a Test and Tune, you may encounter down cones on course. If you see a cone out of place, please let the Grid Marshall know so it can be radioed to course and then proceed back to the stage lines.

  • NCM Motorsports Park
    505 Grimes RD
    Bowling Green, KY 42103-9566