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A single point of access for all ES team members from across SCCA to share thoughts and ideas to better the Safety "Trident" of Course Marshall, Fire/Rescue, and Medical.

Kevin Carter

Okay so a question , I have never been to Mid Ohio and am lookin forward to going ...do we get to use our own crews or is it like Daytona where we are forced to do only one job ? 

Adnan H.

Hay aim love raising ineed to talk the the boos of scca because iwant to becum a racer thanks 

Kevin Carter

well okay .......love the aspect of the point of contact



Kev C



Peter Villaume

Hi Kevin,

Mid-Ohio next year, and Indy the following year. Should ES make a stand of needing a National Administrator to continue the education process and have a point of contact for the DA' s to communicate to?