Nathan D.

I live in Central Ohio and am interested in trying to set up a SCCA RallyCross group in my area. Who do I need to talk to?

Cheryl Babbe

We have had successful fall and spring RallyCross seasons, even in Alaska -- belief in global warming or not -- we are not guaranteed ice, yet that is not necessary for a good time at -28° below...the frozen cones imploded! Rumor is there are photos...

Kevin Strannigan

We run year round. Advantage of living in southeast.

Emily Jenkins

There is an Ice Racing club in MN. They race on the frozen lakes about 3 races each winter. If they began RallyCross in the winter maybe they wouldn't have to wait for the lakes to freeze up?

Kevin S Brown

We used to autocross on frozen lakes when i lived in the Black Hills area of western South Dakota.  We would just plow a course in the snow on the lake and run against the clock.